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Gatira?  Shakitten?

No I'm not lady gaga. I'm Kitty purry.

Chapeau pour chat

Chapeau pour chat n°3

Cat Costume - Native American Inspired Wig with Headband - Sacagawea or Cat-a-Hontas by ToScarboroughFair on Etsy

TOP 25 Funny Cats

Is it bath time yet?

"This is what I think of your suggestion about dieting!"

Found via cats-cat-things o.


Green Bee: And now for something completely random

Terry Pratchett wrote that there was a third option other than dead or alive. That option being 'bloody furious'.

funny-Schrodingers-Cat-angry-box I love a good physics joke!

stegosaurus-cat will have its revenge.

"I love you, maaannnnn!!"

I love you, snowman. I love you too, cat XD

Sure you are...bet you haven't been into the cat nip either.

LOLCats - I can haz insurence? I soberz Iswearz

Wiggy Kitty

important internet search: cats wearing wigs