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Time will heal a broken heart. funny pictures from the how i met your mother tv series.

i love how I met your mother!

How I Met Your Mother! Go Robin! Random Dude: So where are you from? Robin: Yeah, I'm a ghost. I died 15 years ago like that pickup line

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER oh Victoria you know Ted so well!

This is why Victoria was awesome.

"Victoria, do you believe in fate?" "I believe you're about to give me a big speech on fate." -Ted and Victoria, How I Met Your Mother

HIMYM - Robin, so snarky.

Ted: You're like Mary Poppins if her magic purse was also filled with drugs. Robin: If! Ted, the kids in that movie jumped into a painting and spent fifteen minutes chasing a cartoon fox. spoon full of sugar! Grow up. (How I Met Your Mother)

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my absolute favorite how i met your mother moment! barney's face is hilarious!

How I met your mother is the greatest show of the 21st century. And I have watched every single episode. Love the characters<3

By far my favorite HIMYM conversation

- So is it hard to grade papers? - Ted: "No, you just got to make it fun. For example, every time I spot a grammatical error, I do a shot. I'm trashed right now, and I blame our public school system.

so adorable, david hyde pierce. how I meet your mother

this is a legitimate feeling! HIMYM / How I Met Your Mother - Barney Stinson and Lily Aldrin - quote - screencap

Robin Sparkles

"Let's go to the mall, everybody!" -Robin Sparkles, How I Met Your Mother

Oh thank God! I've never been in a fight before! - Marshall

Marshall Eriksen: You want to test this guy, be my guest, come on. Lily Aldrin: Marshall, he's gay. Marshall Eriksen: Oh, thank God.

Because The Mother’s name was actually revealed way back in Episode 9 in the first season.

34 Reasons "How I Met Your Mother" Was The Cleverest Show On TV

34 Reasons "How I Met Your Mother" Was The Cleverest Show On TV They revealed the mothers name in like the season