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Haha. Yeah, how did he move around with n episode Jackady (no. 23) ?

For real, though, I sincerely wish this show wasn’t so clumsy. (Still holding out for a potential twist about that, but I think I’m gonna find it disappointing either way because of crap like

Clhoe be like "The fuck she actually stole my man"

Clhoe be like "The fuck she actually stole my man"<<<Well he was never yours to begin with Chole

Art by Shesellseagulls on tumblr and Deviant Art

thereshegoes (ladybug comic) by she-sells-seagulls on DeviantArt Ladybug and Adrien Window wave Miraculous: Ladybug and Chat Noir Cat Noir

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Did you see this?

I mean, it seems the show is slated for 5 seasons so there is a lot of room for love triangles, squares or polygons.

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miraculousladybug, miraculous << I love how Alya drags Marinette carefully but Nino just drags Adrien by his foot << Nino and Alya are the perfect wingpeople and I love them

Literally Dark Owl was the closest to defeating them like he's the best akumatized victim so far props to Hawkmoth

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Reminded me of you

miraculousladybug, miraculous, adrienagreste, gabrielagreste, hawkmoth Omg ❤️😂 Well at least he got the father part right😂😂

Adrienette ♥

How to get Chat Noir to shut up and faint. Step Get his Lady(AKA Ladybug AKA Marinette Dupin-Cheng) Step Make Ladybug kiss Chat Noir. Step Leave him alone to think about what just happened. Step Watch him Fangirl like an idiot and faint from happiness.

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Names of new episodes for and season<<<< Ahhh one is called peacock, maybe we find out about adrien's mom then>>>These sound so cool! Also, Umbrella?