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Undertale, Sans, Gaster, Papyrus

Baby sans doing the opposite Gaster: I am really happy he moved but scared and annoyed at the same time.he is getting really smart Sans:. *levitates into his father's lap* Gaster: sans you lazy bones.

*walk away into a corner, cries. Tries to stop self from crying* *dramatically fails*

My Friend

Some Fairy Tail fanart XD. Chapter 422 introduced Lucy's new technique that actually lets her fight, potentially at a level closer to Erza's (which is a. Fairy Tail - Lucy and Aquarius

Neko!Eren || His face looks like you had betrayed him lol

Neko Eren // AoT he looks like you betrayed his whole family

sans, papyrus, frisk

꿈꾸는 샤로(U U on

When Frisk comes over and I'm forced to take pictures. I still love every minute of it XD

SnK: Not That Interested by YummySuika on DeviantArt

Eren: *Epic nosebleed* Levi: *internal emotion ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )* *in head "Gotcha now brat* "What's wrong shitty brat?