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male ego, feminism, slut shaming<< funny tho because I have the perfect spn gif set


This is adorable, and congrats to this mom for raising her little girl well.>>>this little girl is gorgeous! You go Raven Marie

Yes! Whenever I see someone with a tattoo, I look at them cause I want to see their tattoos and see what they cared about enough to get permanently placed on their body.

Dear Tattooed People--I'm too socially anxious to ask you to stop and let me see/read what is on you.

#notallmen #yesallwomen

Not All Men is like saying that because YOU as a man don't rape people, rape isn't as big an issue. It's all of our responsibility. Not All Men doesn't excuse the Men That Do

fat people are cool fat people are nice i like fat people more than i like a lot of skinny people

This is important

spooky aus on

Men shouldn't hurt women, women shouldn't hurt men, men shouldn't hurt men, women shouldn't hurt women, and anyone of any gender should not hurt anyone else of any gender.

Ok but..... how?!?! Can't boys just figure it out on their own and stop acting like toddlers?!

Ok but why so much hate on boys just because they're different than the so called "perfect female"? So dramatic.

he also tells everyone to dress modestly but lol

My favourite bible story is when instead of telling women to dress modestly, Jesus tells his dudes to avoid lust by plucking their eyes out.

Okay I'm a female and my eyes just got opened by this...

"I'm fine" I say that shit everyday because even when I am pissed or mad in the moment, my life could be a whole lot worse so I always reply with "I'm fine". don't care about your problems and are glad you have them.

"Local Man Saddened that No One cares about conforming to his personal beauty standards"

This makes sense - Imgur | #smart #children | #violence

This makes sense

"An actual thing my thirteen year old brother just said: 'If girls are asking to be raped because their clothes don't completely cover all of their bodies, then boys are asking to be kicked in the balls just because they don't wear cups everywhere.

I only ever learned about cars when mine broke down. All I can really do is change a tire, check fluids, and clean the air filter.

A little louder? Are you kidding me? A LOT louder for the assholes who do that!

Yes!<< in canada (or at least in BC) they teach us about mental health in one of our classes (as well as a bunch of other stuff)

we have this at our school in England - mental health first aid. we're taught to find and help someone with mental health issues with out harming them further.