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Tractor Mounted on “Stilts” Is Used to Dust and Detassel Corn (Sep,

#Dumptruck hanging on ropes... Real pictores, zero #photoshop!

Dump truck hanging on chains held by tower crane boom, in mountainous construction location.

Very slowly... put it in park and exit the vehicle.

Tucker Sno-Cat 743 Double Drive, 1955 this is a cool machine, but a very scary spot to be in.

Redneck Vehicles: 24 of the Best & Bad!

Redneck Vehicles: 24 of the Best & Bad!

The Best Bad Redneck Vehicles, redneck cars funny vehicles there I fixed it awkward family photos ellen bad family photos wors bad tattoos w.

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Old Ford 8n or 9n with custom cab off an  old pickup

Old Ford or with custom cab off an old pickup. Now that's old fashioned ingenuity!

Don't flip out! The weekend will be back soon! #HeavyEquipment #RockandDirt #Fails

A construction crane being used to make repairs of earthquake damage lies overturned at the National Cathedral in Washington DC, Sept. The cathedral was damaged during a earthquake.

Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas and Oklahoma have a long history of surface and deep mining. This, is Big Brutus. I have heard of Big Brutus.

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