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1/2 Встретилась бы с подругой или другом и поболтала бы за жизнь. А может, с кем и познакомилась. Личность визави открыта для фантазии.

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Coffee time with a friend.

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Swedish Fika rules You are, naturally, completely on time for your Fika. You drink coffee and eat cakes on Fika. You do not drink tea. You do not drink decaf. Being invited for Fika is not a date.

Celebrate the Essence of you with a peaceful cup of hot chocolate or coffee. #PANDORATexas

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tune out the outside + listen to the gentle quiet voice. it won't be loud, it won't be obvious, but it will be certain //

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Le petit-dejeuner is French for breakfast. The French eat breakfast quite early in the morning, soon after the sun has risen. Typically, they have a light breakfast with a hot drink. There's usually no cooking involved.

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How To Brew Coffee Like a Barista

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Are you as proper as the queen?

What Nationality Are Your Manners?

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