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Chickens in their jumpers. Help keep ex battery chickens warm in this horrid British weather. Get knitting, crocheting or sewing. Please help your local chicken rescue centre.

Chickens in jumpers to stop them getting too chilly!

Minus 12 Britain! It's as cold as the Himalayas as the Big Freeze tightens its icy grip causing road danger for drivers

Chickens keeping warm in their very own woolly jumpers at Green Meadow Animal Sanctuary, Pattingham, Wolverhampton, UK.

THIS IS A CHICKEN IN A TWEED VEST. Clothes for Chickens. It's a real thing!

The One Piece Of Chicken Safety Equipment You Need If You're A Chicken

THIS IS A CHICKEN IN A TWEED VEST. Clothes for Chickens. It's a real thing!

Historia de Puerto Rico

The History of Grandma's Apron. Sarah Canon, Wearing a White Apron, Watching the Chickens Eat Their Feed by George Rodger

Chicken Sweater Free Knitted Pattern

Knitted Chicken Sweaters Free Patterns

how to knit a chicken sweater - you never know when you might need one! The idea of becoming a crazy chicken lady is becoming a little more surreal.

Butcher Hank and Baker George looked real dandy

Chickens Wearing Sweaters

Anyone want to knit a sweater for little hen rescue? The Little Hen Rescue is a UK charity dedicated to rescuing abandoned and abused chickens, many of which have lost their feathers due to stress and abuse.


English woman knits woolly sweaters for her hens! Worrying about her rescued battery hens, she came up with the novel idea of knitting woolly sweaters to keep them warm.

45 Ex-Battery Hens Get Their Very Own Photoshoot

Now safe and sound at Mino Valley Farm Sanctuary, 45 rescued hens get treated to a very special photoshoot in celebration of their freedom.

Rescued laying hen wearing stylish sweaters while they go through rehabilitation. As many of you know, these laying hens are kept in very bad conditions on egg farms and usually have no few to no feathers. The sweaters help them stay warm while their feathers grow back. I wish I had a place for some of these hens so I could adopt a few.   Please don't buy eggs that come from egg factories!

Chickens Wearing Sweaters

adopted factory farm chicken wearing a sweater until her feathers grow back .

This is too cute. I might have to use some of my leftover yarn and make some of these.

Knit hen jumpers for Little Hen Rescue in the U., for hens that don't have many feathers to keep them warm.