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Roundup of posts from our other sites BlazePress and Linxspiration. You can check out the previous episode here – Random Inspiration

Unicorn Party - finally, I get a chance to share my four year old's Unicorn Party. We had great fun with Rainbows & Unicorns. Lots of yummy party food and unicorn games.

Unicorn Party Ideas & Crafts

Baby block cake

Baby Block Cake

These "building block" cakes are ideal for a baby shower or first birthday -- are covered with fondant and decorated with royal icing. One sheet-cake recipe will make twelve scrumptious blocks. - but really they could be awesome for any events.

love this onesie station for a baby shower!  We've done iron ons, but with fabric paint and brushes/sponges - no work later to finish and make the onesies wearable!!!  LOVE this!  and cute presentation in the coffee cups :)

Baby shower idea onesie painting idea: place a kraft paper gift bag inside the onesie to hang it and to keep the paint from bleeding through the fabric onto the other side.

12 Handmade Baby Boy Cake Pops

For a baby boy or girl shower try these adorable blue or pink cake pops. Cute if you are not finding out the sex of the baby. Just do both colors. Or of you are having twins, one of each.

Neapolitan cupcakes - so pretty

Neapolitan Cupcakes Chocolate Cake: Devil’s Food Cake mix 3 eggs ½ C oil 1 C milk C sour cream 2 t vanilla extract Vanilla Cake: 1 White Cake mix 3 eggs C oil 1 C milk C sour cream 1 T vanilla extract Strawberry Buttercream: 2 C butter, sof

Bubble gum frosting cupcakes with gelatin bubble tutorial.

Bubble Gum Frosting Cupcakes with Gelatin Bubbles

But I would never make bubble gum flavored frosting! Sprinkle Bakes: Bubble Gum Frosting Cupcakes with Gelatin Bubbles

Tickle Me Colorful

In this birthday cakes post we are going to focus on the idea of colorful rainbow cupcakes for your kids birthdays.

Love-Day Cupcake

Easy Valentine’s Day Cupcake Ideas 2013: 7 Cute Recipes!

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DIY Flamingo Macarons

Because DIY flamingo macarons are always a good idea when it comes to summer desserts!

If you do the beer caps on the cupcakes, it would be cool to actually have the cupcakes be beer flavored.

Chocolate Stout Cupcakes: Shh.. I’m Cheating on My Company

I'm Cheating on My Company ~ Cupcake Project.Made the cream cheese stout glaze. Good addition of beer flavor