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A visual reflection of my mind's eye. Stunning landscape & nature images, quotes I love and poetry that has befriended my spirit.

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(Yew Tree Tunnel, Netherlands) This reminds me of the fairy trails from fairy tails I read as a kid. I always thought that maybe secret trails would appear out of the brush to led a curious wanderer to a hidden world with magic.

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Syd Buron

Ancient Path through the Clouds ii (iv) ©sydburon - July

darkface: “ Walk The Path Of Sorrow by =ArkanumTenebrae ”

darkface: “ Walk The Path Of Sorrow by =ArkanumTenebrae ”


David Grossmann - David Grossmann- Coming- Matthews Gallery

road to .... von Günter Rolf

road to .... von Günter Rolf

Moonlight Winter Walk

le chemin dans le bois: This photo has a deeper depth of field and contrasting colors with the darker trees and the lighter snow; your eyes move with the trails deeper into the forest.

Lost In the Woods

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Autumn #yellow

Yellow and black autumn in Hanover,Germany. Who can argue with nature? Yellow and black = classic beauty.

follow me @cushite 6) De meisjes gaan Kim zoeken en denken dat ze bij Daan en zijn vrienden is. De jongens zijn echter niet in hun huisje en de meisjes willen bijna naar het dorp vertrekken wanneer Abby een sms krijgt. Kim stuurde een bericht om te zeggen dat ze terug naar Amsterdam is met Daan. Daarom gaan ze terug naar hun huisje.

in the dead of the night I awoke in a foggy forest, a fog I had never before seen before.