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I remember pushing my baby doll around in a carriage similar to this one!

I totally remember the metal skates with the keys that attached to your shoes.

Just like my old adjustable Metal Roller Skates. Remember the song, "I've got a brand new pair of roller skates, you got a brand new key"? My kids asked what the heck keys had to do with skates.

The Sunday Funnies | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

My brother and I used to read the Sunday Comics with my Dad, eating donuts. My Grandpa would always say, "See you in the funny papers.

Her glasses, the brooch, her cigarette (smoking in the photo booth!), his little naval-themed shirt. Her face, his face. You just know that little boy ...

This is fabulous on so many levels. Her glasses,...

You're flip through your singles and really think about which order you wanted to hear the songs. Then put the adapter in each one and stack them up on the spindle

45 RPM records with a stacker = big time! I've still got a slew of 45 records and a record player to play them on.

good old time!!

Table Jukebox - You chose the tune and put a coin in to hear it. They were at each table in a restaurant/diner. There used to be a restaurant in simcoe that had these.


Double Bubble gum with comics - the gum was always hard as a rock. I remember one Christmas i received a small purse full of Double Bubble.

Gas prices in the 70s

Gas prices in 1970 - OMG! I remember those gas prices. I remember this!

Antique Vintage Old Retro Baby Child Infant Stroller Walker Seat Carriage Buggy | eBay

Antique Vintage Old Retro Baby Child Infant Stroller Walker Seat Carriage Buggy

spirograph this kept me buzy for hours!!!

The Forgotten History Of CGI

Remember when ..... ..... ..... I have a picture of my dad in one older then this and a picture of my brother in one simular to this one

Wooden playpen with spinner toys on the side My mom had this for us when we were babies, i remember putting my sister in with mean kitty.