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Consider this the brown bag reimagined. Carry your mid–day meal in style with this handheld, insulated lunch box. There is an outside pocket to hold napkins and utensils, or candy bars (no judgement here!

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First day of second grade lunchbox - (turkey) Octodogs, fruit skewers on swizzle sticks, pretzels and a big chunk o' leftover chocolate birthday cake with a food pick. On the side are the usual apple juice/water mix

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With a roar, a stomp and a chomp - Your little one will gobble up their lunch when you use this super cool dinosaur sandwich cutter. Make the sandwich, use the dinosaur mold to shape 2 dinosaurs.

Kid snacks and toddler snacks being handy and at their level is what I'm talking about today. Lennox loves to get her own snack and I always find her digging around the pantry to get something to e...

Self Serve Healthy Kid Snacks

Healthy self serve kid snacks on the go. Easy idea for school snacks, packing lunch and or grabbing a self-serve snack at home.

arrrrgh!  love this pirated themed bento box!

Yo ho yo ho, a pirate bento for Ben!

Love the pirate! 20 Lunch Box Ideas for Kids I Bento Box Lunch Ideas I Kids Lunch Boxes - ParentMap

Stanley Classic Lunch Box, http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00IXXTK16/ref=cm_sw_r_pi_awdm_AdAmtb04F5ADC

Large capacity lunch box holds a hearty lunch. SPCD steel for superior durability. Domed top with metal bracket keeps Stanley vacuum bottle or mug(not included) nested in lid. Sturdy latches and hinges for added durability.

Tapered flowerpot reservoirs! #homedecor #selfwatering #hooksandlattice #flowerpots

Self watering self-irrigating square planters revolutionize gardening with more time to enjoy the blooms (or veggies) of your labor

Possible Father's Day gift for the comic-book crazy hubby... A painting of Dad + 3 kids would be kinda pricy, but worth it!  :)

Gift Idea: Personalized Gifts for Dads - Family Superhero portraits with your faces from your photo- save idea for rody

I think this is geared more toward preschool and young children, instead of toddlers - but good ideas just the same ~vp

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