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Androgynous style, love the subtle eye makeup of pink around the eye, tomboy fashion, red shirt, green hat


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Girl in a bow tie

boyishgirls: justcalmyourvagina: fliickcityy: 😍 How can someone be this attractive though shout out to Ruby Rose’s parents for mixing their genes so well

attractiveness // aesthetic // photography // art // people // androgynous // model // grunge

Long Pixie Hairstyles You will Love Long pixie haircuts are one of the most preferred pixie styles for women because it is very easy to maintain and long e

androadiction:  girlswholikegirls:  Heyooo! I’m Katney! Huge dork in that Maryland state Looking for more people to talk to, so come say hi :D  ***

(male or female needed) I was the new person in town I'm diffrent as by what you can tell I don't fit in I'm supposed to be a female but I dress like a boy my name's supposed to be Alison but I'm Anthony I'm supposed to be a Her but I'm A Him

honestly one of the only people who can pull off short hair and an undercut, it looks really nice

Funky Short Haircuts - Funky short hairstyles are really great selections for the hard summer season. Choose short haircuts such as bob, pixie, or others to enhance your appearance in