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Desmond Miles Assassins Creed Subject 17 >>>>Words don't describe how funny I find this 😂

A typical morning for Shaun. "11:51 AM" by doubleleaf on DeviantArt.com.

*reads comic* *smiles at humor* *about to go back to board when i closely read what he said* *PBBSBBBBT*

Pros and connor

Haytham trying to say Connors' real name

Aren't you tired? by dandeliar.deviantart.com

goddammit lucy you can't do this to me i'm a grown ass man aren't you tired?

Part of why I love this game!! Ezio is such a playboy!!! "Ezio, do you know who she is?!" "My next conquest?"

Gaming Lulz — My favorite part of Assassin’s Creed II 画

Suggestion:D by hyunhon.deviantart.com on @deviantART Desmond and Altäir. This is great

Desmond and Altäir.

[AC1] Altaïr and Malik: Swimming Lessons /// Malik: Oh my god Altaïr. Altaïr: it was an accident! I jumped to far!

Everytime kids jump ON me, not infront of me.



AC: Ready or Not! by StephDiep.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Altair, the ultimate assassin

i-am-jano-shipper: “ we need to make the whole “assassin drinkers” playing cards series ”

Choose your drinker — Jarno

Just a normal day for Jacob Frye.

We could all do with a Jacob frye right now

Assassin humor [[Ezio doesn't like the French, and for good reason!]]

Assassin humor [[Ezio doesn't like the French, and for good reason!]] -- oh but Arno's somewhat endearing!

Assassin's Creed - My brother does this when he plays! Drives me nuts! But it's still funny :P

NHL team fan reactions after the first 10 games of the season

Too funny not to repin

Too funny not to repin

AC: Clearance sale by Jael-Kolken.deviantart.com on @deviantART

AC: Clearance sale by Jael-Kolken on DeviantArt

All of these are truth

Assassins Creed Memes<<<Well, the hookers are for distracting guards or hiding between them.If you want to have sex, pay a hooker in real life -.