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John Wayne and George "Gabby" Hayes in The Man from Utah, 1934

john wayne's children photo gallery | Gary Cooper gives daughter Maria Cooper Janis a bite of his snack on ...

John Wayne with his children Michael, Patrick, Toni, & Melinda, 1944

John Wayne and his favorite horse Dollor in True Grit. Dollor shows up in four of Wayne's other movies, too.

John Wayne, 1930. Long before he could act. I think in this movie he was still going by Marion Morrison..

John Wayne, 1930 so young. I've never seen a photo of The Duke so young before!

John Wayne in Ford's 'The Searchers'. In the final shot, Wayne pays tribute to Harry Carey...

John Wayne in The Searchers, 1956 (dir. John Ford) Greatest western and best scene in the movie.

John Wayne- Who doesn't love a good western!

What we are missing now a days! Knowing right from wrong and owning up to both!

A young John Wayne (1907-1979)

It took Raoul Walsh giving young Duke Wayne the lead in The Big Trail for it to occur to John Ford - Hey, this kid of mine can act!

'My real name is Marion Morrison…I'm happy people call me Duke…If you were my size, wore cowboy boots and a big hat, outrode, outfought and outshot all the badmen in the west…how would you like to climb down off a horse, throw your saddle over the corral rail and then walk off-camera to sit down in a chair labeled Marion ? ' John Wayne Costume test for THE ALAMO 1960.

THE ALAMO - John Wayne (pictured) - Richard Widmark - Laurence Harvey - Chill Wills - Frankie Avalon - Joan O'Brien - Patrick Wayne - Ken Curtis - Linda Cristal - Produced & Directed by John Wayne - United Artists - Publicity Still