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Gallica Roses~ are one of the oldest and most highly evolved of all roses ever bred. Often referred to as "Mad Gallica" due to their wild and intense coloring.

David Austin English rose Princess Alexander of Kent.Large, fully double, full petalled and deeply cupped blooms of glowing pink. Delicious tea fragrance changing to lemon with age.

Rose 'Princess Alexandra of Kent' (ausmerchant), David Austin Rose, so cal, A prolific bloomer with high disease resistance!

Rosa 'Eugene de Beauharnais' (France, 1838) Or found rose, 'Le Grand Capitaine'?

~'Eugène de Beauharnais' rose, 1838 - Cabbage roses are my favourite. Exquisitely beautiful like the ruffled crinolines and blouses of flamenco dancers !

Munstead Wood

As one might expect roses feature heavily in a new edition of Stephen Lacey’s book on Scented Plants published by the RHS.

Suurikukkainen ryhmäruusu Gospel

Suurikukkainen ryhmäruusu Gospel