pretty much, relatable you guys?

I know why but it's part of a a huge, complicated, confusing life story. Why will suffice

Mc Donalds #Donalds, #Mc

The scary differences of how drugs impact everyone from regular people to celebrities dressed up as the Joker in Batman.

So sad i shouldnt be laughing : funny(Is don’t think Vegans are weak)

I like the little I'm serious girls at the bottom

I like the little I'm serious girls at the bottom<<<too bad I guess. Why would a military man kill any inoccent people. It's also called general,officer commander etc. there are several ranks

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23 People Who Are So Petty It's Hilarious

10 Fresh Memes Today!#8 How To Type A Job Application.


Lol, well Ik how to cook.and I do stuff girls normally don't.But the not ladylike thing happens.wayyyy too often.