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HAHA, I love Gaara.  I'd give him a brohug, fo sho.  And maybe a brofist with an explosion at the end, too.

Gaara wants a hug / naruto / shippuden / sabaku no gaara meme. I'd hug him.

Naruto Shippuden Gaara <3 he's my favorite character. I love him a lot.

Gaara of the Sand - Naruto Shippuden. Poor baby was treated like a monster, it wasn't his fault though. I love him so much, he deserves love.

#366 - Gaara from Naruto Kazekage-sama!

- Gaara from Naruto Kazekage-sama! I knew Gaara was awesome from the moment old Team 7 and him met. LOVE YOU GAARA!

Aww... Temari, Gaara, and Kankuro

Kokoro, kankuro is garra's older brother, I mean he is actually in that picture.

Naruto Lee Ninja Profile Guide By: Ywan -

Naruto Lee Ninja Profile Guide By: Ywan

Tamari's face perfectly matched mine at this scene, and then five seconds later I laughed for ten minutes