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balloon + gun 🎈🔫 let’s hope Tuesday doesn’t blow.

I divertenti fotomontaggi di Steve Mcmennamy | Collater.al

I divertenti fotomontaggi di Stephen Mcmennamy

Here are the latest improbable mashups by Stephen McMennamy, who with his ComboPhoto series is having fun combining two pictures.Bullhorn and gun-megafoon en pistool #combophoto

New ComboPhotos Meld Images Into Seamless, Imaginative Surreal Art It baffles us that some critics still refuse to acknowledge meticulously edited Photoshop pastiches as "art." Just survey these lighthearted split-ima.


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Headphones + donuts combophoto by Stephen McMennamy. Art Director Stephen McMennamy looks for simple backgrounds, takes two photographs, and then carefully arranges them together.

Maakt van twee verschillende foto's een nieuwe afbeelding. Meer voorbeelden: http://www.froot.nl/posttype/froot/combineer-twee-willekeurige-fotos-met-elkaar-en-je-krijgt-de-grappigste-beelden/

Art director Stephen McMennamy puts photos together to create quirky images for his ongoing project “combophoto’s”. Whether it’s a seagull with an airplane tail or a pair of donut headphones, he jots down his inspirations for each piece on his tum.

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Some personal experiments with minimalist forms, exploring a space detached from time.

Stephen McMennamy (previously) is a talented artist and art director from Atlanta, Georgia who creates humorous images by combining photos. Stephen takes two photos and splices them together. The early #combophoto project shots were taken with an iPhone, but McMennamy recently bought a new camera to

New Hilarious Mashups By Stephen McMennamy

Creative director Stephen McMennamy splices up the world in weird and wonderful ways. His continuing #ComboPhotos series…

New Photo Mashups Playfully Synchronize Two Totally Different Images