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Eyyptian - 2500 BCE

Sculptured Eyyptian head of a man in Baslt.

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Sadie Kane by Viria. Started the book thinking she was ob-nox-ious, ended it loving her. 'Cause this is #RickRiordan

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Great for a cleopatra or Egyptian goddess costume! (if you want something other than the standard blue & black combo)

Cleopatra-esque look create cut crease with dark brown eyeliner and set with a deep purple shadow and blend Add bright plum/purples in the crease apply highlight on brow bone. Then fill the lid space with gold then apply a wet eyeliner sealant

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Visit the world of the Ancient Egyptians and discover facts about the Scarab beetle. The Egyptian Scarab. Fascinating facts and information about the Egyptian Scarab Symbol that featured in the history and mythology of ancient Egypt.