Except for the quote is "baby's black balloon makes her fly" and the balloon would be black.

En la cintura..?

"float on" (Inked by Rick at The Permanent Marker in Arizona)

This would be a great "in memory of" tattoo...without names/initials (that you need to worry about adding to if you lose someone else) it can be just in general, but I like this phrasing more ""They are not dead who live in hearts they leave behind" -Robert Orr

"to live in the hearts you leave behind is is not to die" placement


Everything leaves a mark - tattoo, ink

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It's tough living with your heart on your sleeve.

love this spot

Tatuagens femininas: +300 fotos LINDAS para se inspirar [ATUALIZADO]

The yellow brick road

Dr. Woo acredita que menos é mais. Ao invés de cores, ele foca em linhas finas bem feitas. Seu trabalho realmente é único, minimalista e super bonito.

Minimalismo e traços finos na pele por Dr. Woo

29 Beautiful Balloon Tattoo Images, Pictures And Photos Ideas To Check

 Pursuit of happiness

pursuit of happines


Lista com 100 mini tattoos

Husband gets it in wifes handwriting. Wife gets it in husbands handwriting. I love this so so much

true love comes back to you

Simple Quote Tattoo For Girls

tatuagem em árabe

walk by faith, not by sight. Maybe just "Walk by faith"

I'm not getting a tattoo, but if I was, this is one I would consider.  It's in my blog friend, Sara's handwriting.  She continued to Choose Joy until she went to be with Jesus last night.

Possible Tattoo: choose joy.

"Do You Tattoo?" What kind of mark are you leaving?

Tattoo Ideas for your NEXT ink! Five butterflies for the five strong women in my family: Grandma: JoAnn, Mom: Diane, Sister: Hallie, Sister: Jessie & myself :] So. Does anything strike your fancy?

we accept the love we think we deserve

"We accept the love we think we deserve" tattoo, Perks of Being a Wall Flower

if only i was a balding old guy....

Bald Head Funny Tattoo - not so much pretty as hilarious

Modelos de tatuagens femininas passáros

Bird wrist tattoo-gettin it!