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Exclamation Point! Volleyball Design Black T-Shirt

Oh it is they just don't know it yet:)

Hmmm I tried not to wear spandex for the longest time as a volleyball player.oh how times have changed

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sports quote , Adriana Johnson " love hearing the heart and mind of an athlete for the intensity of a game gives an eye raise." Sometimes when people ask me why I push so hard when running cross country this quote comes to mind.

It's funny because people give excuses like "Well I'm really focused on volleyball, so it's hard." Well to play volleyball, you have to have good grades. and like all the coaches say, "The ones that give their all on the court give their all in class."

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True story

I used to play "Not let balloon touch the floor" all the time! In fact, I still do! Volleyball is harder, intense, and a lot better!