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string, twine, yarn, and cord

A palette of brown yarns, string, cord and rope. Bowerbird by Sibella Court Photography Chris Court.

La Page Est Vierge

happy again--a textural basket and the texture of string/twine etc. knitting or crocheting yarn.

motif | string | Act 2, Scene 4 The next morning. ZOL and RAV playing chess. A string has been stretched across the room so as to divide it in two. ZOL and RAV sit on opposite sides of the string, which exactly bisects the chess board.

This darling vintage-inspired wooden spool features linen string and small metal scissors perfect for precise cutting.Spool inches tall X inches wideScissors inches x inches

Doily Table Runner

DIY {doily table runner} -- out your largest doilies first. in with smaller doilies. the edges of the big and small doilies. the doilies together using string on the UNDERSIDE.