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water parks can be really fun and exciting for something different. adrenaline and a change of scenery, cool, refreshing, lots of people having fun or being silly, kids having fun.


Stand up Paddle Board.in perfect crystal blue water. /// oh, paddle boarding. how i love thee!

Soft capture of the sun

pretty hair girl beautiful summer motivation dream body sun nature thinspiration amazing beach waves ocean sea sweet color Sunlight summer 2012 horizon note to self caught the sun.

Don't know about the house bunny but the picture is you in your elements.

Why You Should Never Look To The House Bunny When It Comes To Greek Life

This made me think of Shawne, watching the lightning over Lake Seclusion--all grown up in the sequel coming soon--The Alien Effect.

We do!!

Beach hats hanging on a clothing line at the beach, ready for some summer sun!


40 photos qui donnent le goût de tout laisser tomber et partir en voyage