I love the design of these, they have a great layout and the style and color really suites the location, and they are a unique cut

Les brochures et catalogues avec un design original ! - Inspiration graphique #7

"This and brochure design for local Pennsylvania attraction, Crystal Cave Park, is both stunning AND brilliant design. Well done Keith Lowe, well done." This is brilliant.

drawdownbooks: “Back in Stock! The Best Dutch Book Designs 2014 This small, brick-like volume includes illustrated insights into the more than 30 titles recognized by the 2014 Best Dutch Book Design.

”A Good Book“ - theatralische Dynamik im konsequenten Satz.

‘A Good Book’ is a growing index of publications, that stand out with their contents, design or manufacturing quality – curated by Bernd Kuchenbeiser.


clement-gicquel: “ Don’t Malwitz 4 — 10 Gmund Paper Under the supervision of Nicole Udry ”