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Classic bubble gum - Limited Edition of 8 - only 1 available (Signed & Numbered), Romina Ressia

Buenos Aires, Argentina Artist: Romina Ressia I think it'd be really cool to do a series of old fashioned portraits doing "new fashioned" things (chewing bubblegum, cell phone, etc)

Olya Volkova

Olya by Anka Zhuravleva

I got: Medusa! You are the frightening, serpent-haired, Medusa! As one of the most famous, well-known Villains in Greek Mythology, it's no secret that you're a popular individual. Your reputation proceeds you, and like Medusa herself, you live up to any and all expectations when people come across you. Medusa is a Gorgon sister, and original priestess of Athena. Which Mythological Greek Villain Are You?

Which Mythological Greek Villain Are You?