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24 suloista kuvaa kissojen ja jyrsijöiden välisestä ystävyydestä | Vivas

Aww, Tom and Jerry finally stopped fighting and became cat and mouse friends. The only reason a cat would be okay with cuddling with a rat or a mouse is if


The Cutest Interspecies Animal Friendships

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'You're not having any of my Breakfast' - Funny Greedy Kitten pushing her Sibling away


Purrs, Drools, and Cuddly Cuteness: 15 Adorable Pictures of Babies and Their Pets - For some families baby doesn’t make three -- it makes four. Check out these oh-so-cute (and pretty funny!) pictures of babies and their pets sleeping together!


I love when kitties sleep on their faces!- My cat does this all the time and it's adorable!


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Horse and cat share a tender moment as the winter snow gently falls. that's a donkey :)


Which one would you choose as your pet : A cat or A dog ? Do you like Cats or dogs more ?and which are your favorite breeds ? (you can add bunnies as a bonus pet xD) thanks :). asked under Society & Politics

Fatttttty <3

The ultimate FAT cat. But the question is how the cat fits or even gets on the thing. Looks like my late fat cat Kadie.

Ensimmäinen mielikuva kissoista ja hiiristä on se, että pikku hiiri juoksee henkensä edestä karkuun nälkäistä ja vihaista kissaeläintä. Nyt voimme heittää hyvästit näille mielikuville ja...

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