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Kuva: ESTLAT Eagles Cross Border  by:"Teppana"

Kuva: ESTLAT Eagles Cross Border by:"Teppana"

Javan Hawk Eagle - endangered

An Indonesian endemic, the Javan hawk-eagle occurs in humid tropical forests of Java. Possibly as few as 400 left in the wild.

and bat-man thought he was something special, BAT HAWK is stunningly handsome!

The Bat Hawk (Macheiramphus alcinus) is a raptor found in sub-Saharan Africa and south Asia to New Guinea. It is named for its diet, which consists mainly of bats.

fairy-wren:        blythe’s hawk eagle        (photo by halex)

Blyth's Hawk-Eagle (Nisaetus alboniger) is a medium-sized bird of prey. Like all eagles, it is in the family Accipitridae. It breeds in Peninsula Malaysia, Singapore, Sumatra, Borneo.

omg American Eagle also owns Aerie and now I know why they named it Aerie!

Collective Nouns for Animal Groups.I'm kind of doubting the credibility of this pin, however, after reading "a blessing of unicorns.

Nick Brandt, Calcified fish eagle, Lake Natron in Tanzania.  There, lying on the earth as still and stiff as statues, were calcified corpses of a variety of birds and bats that had met their untimely demise after crashing into the deadly waters.

PHOTOS: Deadly Lake Turns Animals Into 'Statues'

Calcified Fish Eagle, Lake Natron, 2012 - A Deadly Alkaline Lake in Africa Turns Animals into Calcified Statues

Black-chested Snake Eagle with chick (Circaetus pectoralis) , Kruger National Park

Black-chested Snake Eagle with chick. Seems to be a smaller eagle.

Wonders in Kindergarten: How do birds make nests?

Since we are investigating how bats and birds are different, the students thought it would be best if we had two sets of wonder charts at t.

Orange-breasted Falcon (Falco deiroleucus) is a bird of the falcon family. It is probably closely related to and looks like a larger version of the bat falcon. These two, in turn, are probably closest to the aplomado falcon and constitute a rather old American lineage of Falcons. It is found from southern Mexico to northern Argentina.

Halcón pechirrojo o halcón negro grande - The Orange-breasted Falcon (Falco deiroleucus)

I love owls but this is one scary looking "little old creepy man" owl.

This Harpy Eagle (Harpia Harpyja), one of the largest birds, knows how to look scary. Please tell me, would you prefer this photo with it visible or not?

Changeable Hawk Eagle by Sandeep Dutta

The Changeable Hawk-Eagle or Crested Hawk-Eagle by Sandeep Dutta

Owls have fascinated man from time immemorial - to some cultures they are symbols of wisdom, while to others they are harbingers of doom and death. Here, The Owl Pages sheds some light on these mysterious creatures...

The Owl Pages - About Owls - photos, calls, books, art, mythology and more. For OWL MOON

Victorian Sunburst Birdfeeder by Barns Into Birdhouses - Heart & Eagle Co.

Just love this birdhouse - Victorian Sunburst Birdfeeder by Barns Into Birdhouses - Heart & Eagle Co.