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Remember: Now that the weather is turning cold, cows will seek out warm places to curl up and sleep. Be sure to give the hood of your car a couple of taps and let the cow have time to get down BEFORE you drive away. So many cows are injured every year.

When life gave you lemons

When life gave you lemons

Life is hard.For those days you need a reminder that it could be worse. The wine bottle happened to me!


Funny pictures about Walmart Parking Fail. Oh, and cool pics about Walmart Parking Fail. Also, Walmart Parking Fail.

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Funny Videos - Fail Compilation - Funny Pranks - Funny People - New Funny Video - Funny Fails 2014

I Hit A Deer! Deer Laughed And ... | Click the link to view full image and description : )

Tiny car, I hit a deer, Deer laughed and walked away, Hahahaha - I always wondered. They make deer horns for car in Sporting & Hunting section for driving on Country Roads, only deer can hear horn

I feel like these could be pictures from our neighbors in the townhouses

people who cook worse than you. Makes me feel better about my cooking abilities.


Funny pictures about Black iPhones. Oh, and cool pics about Black iPhones. Also, Black iPhones.


Terry Border is a genius. (I don't know who Terry Border is, but this made me laugh hard!

Kuvan ottaneen Ian Salisburyn mukaan elefantti oli välikohtauksesta eniten yllättynyt. Se pääsi krokotiilista eroon kärsäänsä heilauttamalla...

Young elephant gets surprise bite from crocodile - Wildlife photographer captures images of croc latching on to elephant’s trunk; incident prompts comparisons to Rudyard Kipling’s story ‘The Elephant’s Child’

Title: "Sarcasm in Chalk"   Time: a few minutes   Value: Priceless  (Let's face it, we've all seen this and been tempted to do something like this...)

I should carry chalk more often.

Think I'm going to start carrying sidewalk chalk in my car.HUGE pet peeve when people dont know how to park straight!

demotivational poster BOATING 101

You're doing it wrong! We used to sit and watch people try to load their boats. Never saw this, but man there are some stupid people out there.