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Animals With Unusual Fur Markings. That poor dog!! Lol

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"I am a chicken"

The Little One said, “After I eat my own meal, I steal her bowl of food so I can have two meals.” “I should have a species change. I am not really a dog, I am a chicken” Said the Big One ~ Dog Shaming shame - Boxer & Bull Mastiff

It was bring your dog night at... #Funny #Memespic.twitter.com/8xs34tFO0A http://ibeebz.com

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Such a good momma.     Not my dogs, lol

I made these holy moly thats alotta babies, and shes like any other Mama, just wants to look at her gooooood work! Goodbye to your sleep, tho ;


I Don’t Know Whether To Adopt Him Or Cast Him In a Movie

Albinism in different animals! (18 Pics)

Albinism in different animals. -- Many of these animals are not true albinos (ESPECIALLY not the Piebald Ball Python), but it's still pretty cool--

This furious wolf who is ready to pounce:

Beware Of These 19 Dogs: We Warned You