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DIY Wedding Wednesday: Pretty Wild – A Chandelier & Fern Overhang - The Details - Weddingstar Blog

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Loch Lomond;  There is beauty in every nook and cranny...and in every tree.

wood anemone or windflower They sprang up from Aphrodite’s tears as she cried over Adonis’ death.

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40+ Beautiful & Creative DIY Flower Arrangement Ideas

kumquat, maiden fern, dahlia, ranunculus bouquet by lovely little details - lovely colour combination - making me feel quite inspired to do make some sugar flowers

Basic Wisteria Lotus Blossom III

Basic Wisteria Lotus Blossom III (LW Designs)

Foxglove [Digitalis]favorite flower of honey-bees, is almost entirely developed by the visits of the bee. For that reason, its tall and stately spikes of flowers are at their best in those sunny, midsummer days .. a favourite with bees and is much visited by other smaller insects, who may be seen taking refuge from cold and wet in its drooping blossoms on chilly evenings, yet no animals will browse upon the plant, perhaps instinctively recognizing its poisonous character.

Foxglove [Digitalis]favorite flower of honey-bees, is almost recognizing its poisonous character.

Chocolate Cosmos - one of the 10 rarest flowers in the world.

Chocolate Cosmos is one of the Rarest Flowers in the World

this is the cosmos atrosanguineus also known as the chocolate cosmos Okay but the thing is this flower SMELLS LIKE CHOCOLATE.

Retierment card, wild about flowers, stampin up crafting, handmade.

T'his stamp set has been sat on the shelf very unloved for quite a while. I bought it after being given a swap at a training event. The swap.