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mökki,hämähäkin verkko

mökki,hämähäkin verkko

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Cobwebs Vs. Spider Webs: The Subtle Differences You Never Spotted

Spiderwebs and dewdrops

SpiderWeb_12.jpg (550×733)

SpiderWeb_12.jpg (550×733)



df625-spider-web-at-sucker-brook-crop by ?

Spider web full of dew.

Toile d'araignée - photo de V.Brosseau                              …

Toile d'araignée - photo de V.Brosseau …

American spiders and their spinningwork  Illustrations from 'American spiders and their spinningwork. A natural history of the orbweaving spiders of the United States, with special regard to their industry and habits' by Henry C. McCook. Published 1889

26 Vintage Ephemera: Illustration, Web of Epeira strix, an Orb-weaving Spider, 1915


"Ever try to spin one?" asked Dr.

Love pictures of spiderwebs

Love pictures of spiderwebs.

Spiderweb and wildflowers

A spider web, spiderweb, spider's web, or cobweb (from the obsolete word coppe, meaning is a device created by a spider out of proteinaceous spider silk extruded from its spinnerets.

authentic fauxhemian

Love spiderwebs (but detest spiders!

Awesome spider web in blueberry bushes.

Spiderwebs on misty mornings are among the most beautiful things in nature. Too bad they're made by spiders, one of the most terrifying things in nature.

swansong-willows:  (via Pin by Tonya on Autumn Whispers In Green | Pinterest)

Cobweb, spiderweb in front of sunflowers.

What a beauty - saved to Webs and Weavings

It never ceases to amaze me how beautiful webs are: Saved to Webs and Weavings

The ONLY way I want to see a spider...in an awesome photo!!

Sweet spider of mine.

ภเгคк ค๓๏                                                       …

Not typically seen as beauty, usually a scary decoration, but a real spiderweb is a work of art.