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I feel empty confused hurt numb disoriented mad vulnerable insignificant blurry tired sweaty overwhelmed temporary anxious

You killed me more than any love story could ever explain. I'm done with this. I'm just done.

I know this is supposed to be a quote about a breakup but it makes me think of Laura's suicide Frankly, it kills me every single night. It's been years, and it still hurts.

A fucking mem

every bad morning, every blurred, every miserable night. thoughts of you=heartbreak, every fucking night.

This happens all the time to me. And really recent too. Broke my heart into. I thought of her as my own daughter. We worked through our differences and all of a sudden nothing mattered to her more than someone else. It took so much for me to let my wall down..... for what to just get treated like a piece of garbage on the side of the road. Hurts so bad and to think she don't even care to acknowledge me or have anything to do with me

Sometimes I hate getting close to people because I think they will just walk out of my life no matter how close we are. And often times this is exactly what they do.

She's wearing out, she's wearing thin. She's breaking down, she's giving in. She's fading away, she's feeling so hopeless. Little by little, she's dying out yet nobody notices.


Anxiety and depression are mental illnesses, we can't just "get over it" either. You may not understand, and thank God you don't have to.

I murdered the girl i used to be

I miss the girl that made everyone happy and didn't self-harm, wasn't suicidal. I miss the girl that had tons of friends. I miss the girl that didn't need cheering up because she was always happy. I miss the girl who used to be me.

i just want to be more than second best

This is sad. How on earth can we as Christians sit by and let someone hurt another so much as to make them feel like that. Or maybe it's worse. Maybe we're the ones doing the hurting.