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I don't know if I get my love for pasta from my Italian heritage, or if I'm just drawn to it because of how amazingly epic it is. Either way, I LOVE pasta.

I would also add "have dinner with them" because sometimes they need to be reminded that they are also human.

Buy a homeless person a full meal. It did more for me than it probably did for the gentleman I purchased the meal for. That's the best part of random acts of kindness and giving back.

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I would love to go on a hot air balloon ride with a picnic basket and champagne, where the last 15 minutes of the ride would include the Sunset!

I've always wanted to & I will someday soon! I was never eligible. My weight never met or went above the requirement! :/ Just once, when I was pregnant! Ha.

This is one thing I would like to do but unfortunately I can't. people under this weight can't donate blood.


did track & cross country in highschool. I was in the best shape of my life. If only i had the motivation to get in shape again.

I started this when I was younger but quit after a few years plus I didn't try very hard. Would love to do it again

Spent four years of my life learning to play the piano. I miss the feeling of being able to play beautiful songs.

Oh my gosh, has anyone ever seen anything better?! Have you?! I didn't think so.

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I've been to the Niagara Falls and I can tell you it has so far been one of my favorite places to go too!!!!

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I have visited the Canadian side but not the American side. But I would definitely go to the Canadian side again!


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.Dubai is incredible with its man-made islands and incredible buildings. Two reasons why I added it to my bucket list.

Dubai is incredible with its man-made islands and incredible buildings. Two reasons why I added it to my bucket list.

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30 Great Christian Songs for your workout or running playlist! (I don't work out I just want to listen to them.

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The Teen Bucket List- since I have saw it on icarly I have always wondered what they taste like! Soooo I made them. Check that off the bucket list ✔