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KRAMPUS, In the old days, Krampus would gather up bad children, toss them in his basket, and whisk them away to the North Pole to serve as Santa's slaves. That's where the legend of Santa's elves came from. (Photo from Holland)

Lina Medina : youngest mother in medical history, giving birth at the age of five years, seven months and 17 days.

Lina Medina is the youngest confirmed mother in medical history, giving birth at the age of five years, seven months and 17 days. From a remote village in Peru, in 1939

Sinergia Compulsiva

what a great photo.little boys who imitate men.a very important observation in life.your little man is always watching you.

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40 Photographies Historiques Célèbres

Three Princeton students pose after the Freshman, Sophomore snowball fight 1893 Princeton, NJ. Love the monochromatic Ivy League style back then ~ Old Man Fancy.

A girl with Hypertrichosis. A rare condition that causes the body to produce an abnormal amount of hair.  The sideshow is meant to take those who were born with odd conditions and to celebrate them.

weirdvintage: “Alice E. Doherty was born in 1887 with a rare genetic mutation called “hypertrichosis”, or “werewolf syndrome”, which causes excessive body hair. She was billed as “The Minnesota Woolly Baby”. At birth, she was covered all over in.


Fannie Mills, also known as "The Ohio Big Foot Girl." She suffered from a rare disorder known as "Milroy's Disease" which causes uncontrolled growth in the feet and legs.

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Glimpse Into Our Amazing Past With These Historic Photos - BuzzLamp Man testing football helmet prototype in 1912


Josephene Myrtle Corbin, the Four-Legged Woman, was born in Lincoln County, Tennessee in Rather than having a parasitic twin, Myrtle’s extra legs resulted from an even rarer form of conjoined.

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These bizarre vintage images prove once again that the past is FAR creepier than the present!

Boy and his pet riding boar 1930s

Farm Animal Sounds for Children! Real Animal Sounds Video for Kids! Learn real farm animal sounds and names with Old MacDonald! This funny farm animal .