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I'm in my thirties and I do these things. FANGIRLS OF EVERY AGE, UNITE!<<<umm I also wouldn't say were harmless, and you can also fangirl over bands

But how would you keep the glow going...? Glow sticks only last for so long so, how...?

Glow sticks only last for so long so, how.>>>>it doesn't have to be glow sticks, the book just have to have a special paper that glows in the dark and changes colour.

Yeah! You assbutt!

Harry potter Doctor Who Divergent Hunger Games Percy Jackson Sherlock Star Wars Lord of the Rings

repinning for the last part || not just for books, but for every other word you don't know how to pronounce

in Percy Jackson books when the monsters had weird greek names and i'm just like, "Polynaksleufhcyus" tags; when you're reading a book with a hard-to-pronounce word

Fangirl. Lol not even the 2% for phone numbers lol #funny #quote

Lol not even the for phone. << i think school knowledge should also be down a little bit too. So, it should be phone numbers, names school knowledge fangirl stuff

Book characters are hot

*ahem*PercyJackson*ahem*LeoValdez*ahem*Nico Di Angelo*ahem*Will Solace*ahem*like basically all the guys in Percy Jackson except for Octavian

I literally do this all the time! #NoRegrets

Do you ever open your book at like 9 and decide youll read for a few minutes then all of a sudden its 2 am and your eyes are burning like you used hot sauce as eye drops and then you think youre only a 100 pages or so from the end so sleep is for the weak

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It's true (Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Percy Jackson, Doctor Who -- Yeah, pretty much every fandom)

Fiction books still contain truth, and they are worth feeling emotion over! Quote by on of my favorite authors

Repost if your a reader! #allreadersunite

Repost if your a reader! << A true reader would know how to spell *you're*. :P<<< A true reader would know that their grammar is wrong.