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Lauantaina Orsayn jälkeen Sainte-Chapelle kirkkoon. Aukioloajat 9:30 - 18:00. Kävellä voi, mutta metropysäkki Cite on siinä vieressä. Hinta 8,5€.

Upper Level of Chapel, century Sainte Chapelle, Paris, fORMOLU article- "Sainte Chapelle: A Chapel Fit for a King"

Sainte-Chapelle Paris

Starry starry night: constellation ceilings

Sainte Chapelle - Upper level The Holy Chapel is a royal medieval Gothic chapel, located near the Palais de la Cité, on the Île de la Cité in the heart of Paris, France.

Catedral de Chartres - vitrais


Strassburg Cathedral, Rose exterior - Rose window - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The rose window of Strasbourg Cathedral, showing the open tracery (a Gothic window) screen

Sagrada Familia-Barcelona: The iconic father figure of Barcelona, architect Antoni Gaudi looms large on the city skyline. From the Sagrada Familia to familiar facades in the posh Gracia district, his master work is omnipresent. The best vestige of Gaudi’s legacy however, may be the mystical and unusual Park Guell, which blends structure, architecture and natural landscape in magical fashion.

segrada familia, barcelona, spain Gaudi is still so unique and interesting. I love the way his buildings seems to be alive. One of the best cathedrals to visit. I wonder if it will ever be finished.

I decided to have a little fun with this shot!  It's one of my favorite photos from France.Anyway, I got my shots before getting in trouble… and then I decided to make the most interesting bit and reflect it downwards upon itself to give it more of a feeling of infinite crystal.

Sainte Chapelle, Paris - The crystal forever. Fifteen huge stained glass windows fill the nave and apse. Built 800 years ago by King Louis IX