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Sstttiiiiinnnnggggsssss -H

Bad Karma is like putting hand sanitizer in an open wound. It hurts you.

This is the only appropriate response to such a horrific discovery!!!

Meanwhile in the Athena cabin. Either, another day in the athena cabin.idk, help me

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 77 Pics  more reasons to love Ryan...INCREDIBLE CANADIAN ACTOR AND FUNNY TO BOOT!

Funny pictures about Ryan Gosling Vs. The Paparazzi. Oh, and cool pics about Ryan Gosling Vs. The Paparazzi. Also, Ryan Gosling Vs. The Paparazzi photos.

I know I'm not alone In this... I mean seriously most of this is a result of shear laziness

19 things that'll drive your OCD self insane. >>I don't think I have OCD, but these would drive even me crazy.


Funny pictures about Productive day? Oh, and cool pics about Productive day? Also, Productive day?

Me when I read this,"Wait this is how I am supposed to be when I'm on my period..." literally I just flow like Niagara Falls. Lol

Sorry for the language but this is hilarious! omg I died laughing! this is awesome, and true. Kill them and eat their cookies!

What is wrong with this generation. Someone remind me of a time when people weren't stupid, PLEASE!!!

I'm pretty sure those are called Pictionary and Scrabble. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought these "new" board games seemed familiar.

Every. Single. Episode.:

Funny pictures about Zoom and enhance! Oh, and cool pics about Zoom and enhance! Also, Zoom and enhance!

Feel bad for the girl, but you have to admit its a little funny

Like a BOSS

Funny pictures about Kiss Cam Troll. Oh, and cool pics about Kiss Cam Troll. Also, Kiss Cam Troll.

(3) Tumblr on imgfave

No it should say "How my mom wraps present. How my dad wraps presents.

29 of the dumbest questions ever asked on the internet... That everyone should probably tweet at Jaden Smith to answer

I bet Jaden Smith could answer all those questions; this caption is perfection

it's true! why is that? haha

How I see without glasses vs. how my friends think I see without my glasses. Sorry, friends with glasses