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Kamata Nishiki.  It's a peony tree. TREE!  Never heard of, but am about to buy one!  5' ornamental.

The Tree Peony Kamata-nishiki, 'Paeonia', is named for the famous tapestries woven in the Kamata province. The flower is double wisteria blue with lighter edges.

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‘Julia Rose’ This gorgeous early bloomer grows quickly, requires no staking, and produces loads of spicy-scented blooms. Peach, pink, and yellow flowers often appear on ‘Julia Rose’ all at once. ‘Julia Rose’ Don't Judge Peonies On Looks Alone

Klehm's Song Sparrow Farm and Nursery--Tree Peonies--'Tessera'

Klehm's Song Sparrow Farm and Nursery--Tree Peonies--'Tessera'


awed by the amazing beauty of tree peonies, such as this Itoh Tree Peony 'Julia Rose'. I have many of these in my yard, needing some years to mature but I'm willing to wait


Here's what we found about purple flowers. Read up the info about purple flowers, and learn more about it!

Hollingsworth Peonies - Roselette

Hollingsworth Peonies - Roselette Fragrant Roselette, ALM 2009 Originator: [Herbaceous Hybrid] Bloom period: Very Early Bloom week: 1 Flower form: Single

Пионы травянистые Zhong Sheng Fen - Original Pink

Morning Kiss has large size gorgeous double flowers that are soft pink on top with deeper pink flowers at

~Peony 'Hillary'

A sumptuous flower of raspberry red and cream with shaggy incurved petals that open into a deep, semi-double rosette.

Raspberry Splash - Early Midseason Lactiflora, single, raspberry, Cactus dahlia type, raspberry streaked with prominent raspberry stigmas, petals fluted and dancing, slightly fragrant, nice deep green foliage, no stamens, pollen or seeds, one bud per stem, good substance, (Roy G. Klehm, USA, 1999).  www.peonyshop.com

Quality Raspberry Splash Roots at Peony Shop Holland

Red Hybrid Peony Raspberry Charm, week 4

Peony Raspberry Charm Cousin to the incredibly popular Coral Charm this brilliant semi-double raspberry-red colored hybrid has the same form as Coral Charm.