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And children who don't cry are new souls << That or they're happy to carry on.

Jennyyyyy~ If dreams were a memory from a past life then I would have been a murderer who liked to rip ppls arms off. Too many dreams have included me doing those.

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I've always thought it was dumb to assign hours of homework (which takes up all our "at-home" time, then claim to keep school and home separate. Smh--> plus the world's best school system is in Finland where homework is illegal.

Nightmare before Christmas #NightmareBeforeChristmas

I already loved The Nightmare Before Christmas, but because of these facts it makes me appreciate it even more. This is truly a wonderfully beautiful movie. Corpse Bride definitely has to be my second favorite Tim Burton movie.

Shittt. The mailman was feeling it. Wait he died? Wow. Women deserve recognition for not dying.

For anyone who didn't get it-the mailman was dead because HE WAS THE FATHER! The woman had cheated on her husband with the mailman so when the doctor transferred the pain to the FATHER it was transferred to the MAILMAN!

<-- I watched the first 3 seasons of supernatural in 10 days and on one day I watched 10 in one day. She is weak<-- My casual watching consists of about episodes a day. My CASUAL watching.