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One direction

erm this amazingly cool band. love one direction so muxh >>> the 5 idiots that I've dedicated my life too>> accurate

I worry about you sometimes

"So um I waved at a girl and she kind of just passed out" ~ Harry. I cant stop laughing!

I've pinned this Like 6 times but I laugh EVERY time I see it!:)

Your thoughts are irrelevant. Let's talk more about important stuff like, hm, OH! One Direction!

Zayn is all like "oh god"

Zayn is just like "I deal with White Girl Harry Styles everyday. And then there's Rydel Lynch and Ellington Ratliff behind Perrie and Zayn

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The only concert tour where the headliners become the help

Liam's face is like "oh no it's about to go down" Harry's is like "im about to punch someone in their face" Zayn' face is like "ohhhhhhh noooooo" Niall's face is like "haha your funny" Louis' face is like "ohhhhh hahaha"

I advise you to take a moment and look at each boys' reaction individually because its gold. I love Taylor but this is so funny