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Even with the evidence..you will never get a confession when you're dealing with a pathological liar.

No I think you are confusing those for STUPID women. Smart women already know.

Im sorry for not being able to tell you half the things on my mind. Im trying really hard for you.

Storyboards for Amanda in Arabia

Inspirational Quotes: When you don’t know what the fuck do you feel.❤️ Top Inspirational Quotes Quote Description When you don’t know what the fuck do you feel.

Ass kisser. ...choke

truth be told, ppl need to stop worrying about what others think or say about them and focus on their own life and stop kissing ass to get ppl to like them

So much for your new reality check......didn't last long back to ignoring me again oh well your loss....to see your kid you need to communicate with me dumbass

I see your silent treatment and raise you a fuck off. Do not waste my time.