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No cell phone service, apparently, is roughing it for Willie! Poor Willie! :D

Willie // I am roughing it. I got no cell phone service

Your wife is always right, so it's best not to fight it. | 20 Things You'll Only Understand If You Watch "Duck Dynasty"

20 Things You'll Only Understand If You Watch "Duck Dynasty"

Si on his use of "Hey!"

"You gotta understand ME to understand HEY!

Willie and Korie both graduated from Harding University. He was so much cuter before

13 Surprising Facts About The Cast Of Duck Dynasty

Willie and Korie // then and now. whoa John Luke and young willie are IDENTICAL

Little Yuppy Girls --SNOZZBERRY

Our Favorite, Funny Duck Dynasty Quotes - Snappy Pixels

I LOVE THIS UNCLE SI QUOTE! :) :) :) Yo beard is so fat, not even Dora can explore it!

My favorite Si quote of all time. Besides brain sneeze. Yo beard jokes are so much better than your momma jokes mostly because Uncle Si is saying them

Duck Dynasty Jase, I have christened it with my spittle.

Duck Dynasty on

“Time to break in your duck calls.

If Willie ever says anything, do exactly the opposite. | 20 Things You'll Only Understand If You Watch “Duck Dynasty”

Uncle Si and the samurai sword hahaha

My favorite Si quote because I love my little squirrels

it was a five-pound squirrel!

Strangely enough, Phil has a Master's Degree. (but not in pet photography, obviously)

One of my favorite Duck Dynasty Quotes

Duck Dynasty

Duck Dynasty on

Duck Dynasty

Oh Jase!

Jase Robertson “You can turn water into wine if your name is Jesus. Last time I checked, your name is Willie.” Sadly, Willie didn't know it till he'd bought the wine yard.

Willie and Korie from Duck Dynasty

Willie and Korie from Duck Dynasty.wow Willie looks a lot like his son John Luke in this picture!

duck dynasty picture quotes - Yahoo! Search Results

you cant fix a neutered dog.you cant fix garage doors.you can't fix trash.and you cant fix stupid!

PSYCHO Socialpaths that brag mental illness runs in both sides their family . Stalk people , daily watching people to stalk people. Threaten people and want to die young.

Duck Dynasty-- Willie & Korie, Willie looks like John Luke.

Duck Dynasty - Before the beards.

Duck Dynasty before the beards sooooo weird