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-Alaska Young. "Looking for Alaska" Such a sad story.

"What you must understand about me is that I am a deeply unhappy person." - John Green (Looking For Alaska

We're children of the bad revolution

Young people in society have a negative reputation- they are seen as bad, rude and lazy.


OneRepublic - Counting stars quote "everything that kills me makes me feel alive"


- Introverts heal and energize from alone time. Embrace solitude and often avoid contact with other people, even if they possess good social skills. Socializing quickly drains their energy, requiring more alone time to rejuvenate them.

Inspiration for Alexandra

"But this time it wasn't like the way you lost your phone, or your favorite pair of socks. It wasn't momentary and I wasn't searching for myself. I had given up on that. I had let myself fly away on the wind, never to return.

The truth is when I first read this I thought it explained me perfectly, but I was wrong, all the mistakes I've made cause guilt to blind me into think 'I have to punish myself by making myself feel this way' but I don't have to. I've been forgiven by God, and I chose to feel the way I do... I am finally free from feeling that way... I don't have to push people away anymore to the point where nobody knows me

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We are all multi-faceted, but rarely do we show all sides of us! That's reserved for the truest of friends and family!

I bet you will relate as much as I did… (A life with Borderline in pictures)

Remember, you only see what I choose to show. Never think you know enough about someone to accurately judge them


I don't want to push you away. Every day I get that bit better but it will be a tough journey until my broken soul is fixed. I only hope that you can stick by me through this last hurdle so I can begin my life anew and I can heal.

Hahahaha...Cute! Totally Me!!!! Actually WAS totally me.....Ive sowed my wild oats and Now Happily Married to the perfect Man for Me!!!!!

I heard you're a player. Nice to meet you, I'm the coach. --- Oh yeah - wish I would have seen this a looooong time ago

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We're all.

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