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Some of the most humorous, spiritual and inspirational memes and posts from this past weekend.

Some of the Most Inspirational, Spiritual and Humorous Memes From LDS General Conference

I'm not sure when I developed a visual association between the Salt Lake City LDS temple and the Disney Pictures logo- but, I had to .

Its all about who can get married by Mormon Standard Time. Aka 23 years lol.

15 Hilarious Valentines Memes Only Mormons Will Get

How engaged mormon girls see themselves. How engaged mormon girls look to everyone else.

This is taking as long as... Hahaha stuff Mormons say 3

HAHAHA I almost hate the fact that I find Mormon humor like this so funny.


summer band camp :) teehee :) Taylor remember when we had that one day when i almost died that was fun :)<<omg I feel like I know you because the leader of my section is named Taylor and several people in marching band have almost died

So true and then you don't need anything you packed

when you are at a campsite that is cold at night/till 10 but scorching the rest of the day.you better bring 2 suitcases.

Literally could not resist @Sariah Wilson @Jessica Bickley

Flippin sweet message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Funny part is that the guy in the middle is a legit Mormon

Not exactly an inspiration quote like the others. But it is a quote from Psych…

Shawn and Gus moment "somebody forgot their courageous juice this morning!