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Teatteripaja itseilmaisun ja esittämisen tueksi ja näyttämöksi.

Teatteripaja itseilmaisun ja esittämisen tueksi ja näyttämöksi.

Adorable 2nd grade classroom with great ideas for back to school

POEM for open house! Cute ideas for open house/meet the teacher. Love the night before school poem and confetti idea!

Goodbye gift: index cards, pencils, and a word for every letter in a child's name.

for those of you with the same class throughout the year and with younger kids, this is a great idea to show them that you appreciate each and every one of them.great for end of year gift to student/family.

School anecdotes about children usually slot them into two boxes: the little evil monsters who have to be subjugated and mastered, and the mini-geniuses who can be programmed into walking-talking computers. Whatever happened to the child who is full of curiosity for his world, who loves music, who loves to share stories, who laughs with abandon when out in the garden? The child who wilts if put in a box. This infographic gives tips on how to change teaching styles so that you reach out and…

How to Motivate Children and Create Happy Classrooms - Infographic

10 ways to engage students: list of ways to keep students hooked, focused and motivated on learning!

I'm Lucky Because.... Shamrock from The Teacher's Lounge

St Patricks Day Shamrock Activity for Kids

lucky to be a family project This looks like it could be a great FHE the week of St Patricks day

FREE schedule cards from Cara Carroll.  LOVE them- huge variety

FREE schedule cards from Cara Carroll. Can be used at home for morning routines. Picture schedules are an amazing way to get your child with autism to go through a daily routines

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Favorites on Friday- Pinterest Style

The "How Big Is My Problem" chart helps students identify the urgency and scale of their problems. Teaching self regulation.

Top Ten FREE Teacher Fonts  ~~ {12 free fonts w/ links}  ~~ [WOW!! I'm not a teacher - but I can imagine how helpful these  fonts would be to a teacher!!]

teaching resources, writing, math, Top Ten FREE Teacher Fonts ~~ free fonts w/ links} ~~ [WOW! I'm not a teacher - but I can imagine how helpful these fonts would be to a teacher!

1st and 2nd grade water color activities.

Blowing colours

and grade water color activities.

Bloom's Buttons! Have real buttons in the classroom for students to select from a jar. The color they get corresponds to the color question (level of Bloom's) that they must answer! Great station activity for fourth graders

During read-aloud, have student select a button from a jar & then ask a question that corresponds to the color button chosen. Questions can be answered individually, in buddies, or in journal. Button cards correspond to Bloom's taxonomy

Great ways to Organize your early childhood classroom from Rainbow's Within Reach!  Lots of pictures!  =)

Some Great Organization Tips With My Good Friend Debbie

Amazing organizational ideas for kid materials photo of: Classroom Organization of Materials brought to you by RainbowsWithinReach

2nd Grade Shenanigans: Craft-A-Holic + Pinterest = A Force to be Reckoned With

REWARD- I love this idea of rewarding the students with a "rock star status" chair. This chair will give the young students incentive to have good behavior.