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What a ball!!

Now I want to start a horror bowling league! (Not that I'm good at bowling, I just think it'd be awesome to freak out the normal's).

Male Maleficent: While rule 63 art is no more uncommon than all the femme/male twists we see in cosplay, it is rare to see genderswap art that can firmly straddle being faithful and accurate to the character while also being totally inventive. Artist Sakimi Chan does just that with this spectacular series of genderswap fan art.

Daring and Delightful Genderswap Art Series

Gender-Bending Disney Characters: Maleficent (Sleeping Beauty) - by Sakimi Chan- looks quite manly

Nothing will ever get better than this.

10 Disney Illustrations in Star Wars : Belle as Princess Leia and Beast as Han Solo is my favourite!

10 Illustrations Of Disney Characters Sneaking Into Star Wars - includes Rapunzel, Lilo and Stitch, Baloo the Bear, among others.

10 Illustrations Of Disney Characters Sneaking Into Star Wars

James Silvani Illustrates Mashup of Disney & 'Star Wars' Characters 01 - Beauty and the Beast/Chewy and Princess Leiah

Star Wars + Disney Mashups #starwars #jedi #theforce

10 Out of This World Star Wars-Disney Mashups

Illustrator: Jerrod Maruyama

Dibujos de caricaturas infantiles

gingerbread AT-AT....amazeballs

Gingerbread AT-AT

Funny pictures about Gingerbread Walker. Oh, and cool pics about Gingerbread Walker. Also, Gingerbread Walker.

No Country For Old Muppets by Dan LuVisi

California-based artist Dan LuVisi has a knack for turning treasured childhood memories into high-octane nightmare fuel. Case in point: “No Country For Old Muppets," the latest in his ghoulish Popped Culture series.