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funny quotes that awkward when you are yelling at someone and mess up and ruin the seriousness

Teenager Post #070 This happens to me all the time an I get so excited and I feel proud of myself! $$

Teenager Post 1 - 100 - Teenagerpost Wiki: this has never happened to me :(

Pretty much

I Love Pinterest {Curation}

-It's like Fantasy Football for girls. except i love fantasy football!

All the time!!!!!yes! how DID they get up there?!?!?!

Graffiti on a bridge…

Funny pictures about Graffiti on a bridge. Oh, and cool pics about Graffiti on a bridge. Also, Graffiti on a bridge.

Teenager Post #8554

I’m Kind Of A Big Deal, You Know

I've lived from so I'm totally even more awesome!>>>>>>> plus one of my birthdays was on so I'm even more awesome


I did these<< number 1 I still do. number 2 I did all the time.number 3 I did. number 4 still do. number 5 I still do. that's me!<< I still do number and 5