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..gääähn :)

..gääähn :)

Mini Golden Doodle...Oh My Gosh... I thought it was a toy...How cute! Looks like a Teddy Bear!!!

Omg this Mini Golden Doodle is too Cute! It looks like a Teddy Bear! Mum, Bro & Me (Wickstead's Family) were all fooled into thinking it was a Teddy Bear, but its a little Dog. So cute!

Lovely Poodle Pet Clip. (Desert Reef's Silver Addition - Addie Girl)

Desert Reef's Silver Addition - Addie Girl (gorgeous and very neatly-groomed Standard Poodle)

Poodle Piggies! Grow out hair on ears long and braid. Just like a little fuzzy person. (Adorable)

5 Dog Breeds to fight Depression and Anxiety.yea I am just pining this so when I have a female poodle I remember to do this. People keep calling my male poodle a female enough as it I am not going to give him braids despite how badly I want to.

"Tuffy" the Poodle Palm Puppy...I'd say this was a real pup but the toes looked stitched

"Tuffy" the Poodle Palm Puppy.I'd say this was a real pup but the toes looked stitched Needle felted poodle ?

Ruebin, red miniature poodle - love the color. Exactly what i want!

Poodles - Smart Active and Proud

| FACTS | standard poodle haircut "teddy bear" in Japan!   If I had a poodle, I want to groom it like this.  Super cute!!

The Poodle is one of the most popular breeds in Japan. The 'Teddy Bear' 🐻 clip is the most popular Poodle 🐩 grooming style.