heliconia, 'helikonia', heliconia bihai /ei kovin kestävä, ruskettuu nopeasti, lämmin vesi

Red Palulu is a brightly-colored flower endemic to South America. It can be found specifically in Brazil and Guiana.

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Hawaiian Artists Showcase - Red Heliconia - Fine Art Giclee Canvas Prints by Danny Braddix


Heliconia - Common names for the genus include lobster-claws, wild plantains or false bird-of-paradise.

Miniature-Orchid / Micro-Orquidea: Restrepia anteninfera 'Giselle' © Eric Hunt, All Rights Reserved

Name: Restrepia anteninfera 'Giselle' Country of Origin: Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, Venezuela Grower: Hawk Hill Nursery


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Green-crowned Brilliant, Heliodoxa jacula on Lobster Claw Heliconia Near Catarata del Toro, Costa Rica